How did it start

Romin Zandi (better known as DJ Romin) began his DJ career during his junior year of high school in 2011. Even as a young child he realized the strong power that music has over people and their moods, and Romin wanted to be a part of helping people have a great time! He was finally able to make that dream come true when he convinced a local club owner to let him practice on their equipment after hours.

Romin quickly realized though that being a DJ is not as easy as it looks and it takes a lot of practice and skill to be able to connect with crowds and develop relationships with them without ever speaking a word. Determined to accomplish his goal and become a master DJ he kept practicing, and it wasn’t long before the local club owner provided him with a DJ residency because of how quickly Romin had progressed and fine-tuned his DJing skills. Romin’s career was finally starting to fall in place.

It was not long before the word got out about Romin and his schedule began filling up with various private events including weddings, corporate events, school events, and birthday parties, as well as numerous clubs offering him a residency. One of the reasons he has become so popular is his ingenious ability to be creative and mix genres that most DJs are afraid to try combining; his systematization of this is what sets him apart. Romin is without a doubt an uptempo DJ and focuses mostly on Hip-Hop, House, Club, Electronic, and Latin music, but as mentioned previously he has become deft in reaching far beyond those genres on a daily basis.

Romin is incredibly motivated and energetic, and loves working with people and music; he has now become a master of knowing how to get a crowd deeply engaged. For his selfless demeanor though, it is all about the crowd having a good time and isn’t simply about Romin enjoying himself. Because of his hard work and motivation, Romin has made a career out of doing what he does best and loves! From day-to-day he can be found anywhere from a private event, to various bars/clubs/lounges in the Washington, D.C. area where he holds various residencies.

As of right now Romin’s current goals are to expand his reach and audience to a global level and begin traveling and performing all over the world. Being well known in the Washington, D.C. area is a great first start, but becoming an international club DJ sounds more up his alley.

When asked how he would sum up in one sentence being a DJ, Romin said: “My goal as a DJ is to translate my crowds’ focus in the present moment, where they can create lasting memories with their friends and families by dancing and having fun!”

When the lights fade and the sounds are silent

Its the emotions and the memories, woven by the DJ that live on to another sunrise